Wave Based Security

I usually work on this app from a shared office that I’ve been renting since January 2021. The rule is, everyone is supposed to check in at the reception desk in the lobby before going up to the higher floors.

After a while I decided to skip checking in at reception. This, as you can imagine, was really great. Walk into a building, walk into the lift, go up the lift, sit down at your desk. Perfect.

However this beautiful arrangement wasn’t to last. One of the security guards started stopping me at the lobby. “Please check in before going up”. Annoying. The arrangement changed. If I saw the stickler security guard at the lobby, I’d check in at reception, if not, I’d go straight up.

Then the other security guards started making me sign in. Fine. So I started signing in. After a while, instead of signing in, I just waved at the receptionists as I walked in. They’d wave back. That counts as signing in right? It did, according to the security guards. Access was granted.

This morning I walked into the office and no one was at the reception desk. So I waved at the empty desk. The security guard looked at me strangely I smiled. Doesn’t seem sufficient, but access was granted.

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